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Students who master core math skills are prepared for greater challenges in high school, college, and the workplace. By combining the people power of AmeriCorps with cutting-edge math research, Minnesota Math Corps helps make sure every student in the state has a chance to succeed.

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The secret of our success: tutors who are trained to help students build math skills in ways that really work. Solid evidence about how children learn informs our program from beginning to end.

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Math Corps Works

  • My role is about more than increasing math scores. It is allowing my students to see their potential as great thinkers and problem solvers. When I hear my students say, “Wow! That was easy,” or “Oh, I know this!” it is music to my ears.

    Jennifer Spellacy, Math Corps Tutor — Saint Joseph
  • I have been so grateful to Math Corps for providing this opportunity to explore teaching as a profession. This has taught me that I love teaching in a way that I feel really roots students in a deep understanding of mathematical concepts by incorporating concrete manipulatives.

    Meghan Exner, Math Corps Tutor — Saint Paul
  • Math Corps helps students gain confidence. It helps raise their test scores. It helps them just become a better person.

    Cheri Hoheisel, Parent of 8th grade Math Corps participant whose scores went from deficient to college ready
  • The additional support of Math Corps allows our just-below average students to receive the targeted instruction they need to keep them from slipping behind. With support of data and consistent communication of teachers and the tutor, the students’ progress was undeniable.

    Tom Ross, Internal Coach — Armstrong Elementary
  • The students are missing a couple of building blocks that are holding them back. Math Corps is an efficient way of building the skills they need.

    Kate Hinton, Internal Coach — Washington Technology Magnet School, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • I don’t know of other systems that are designed as well as this and getting the same results.

    Julia Espe, Superintendent — Princeton Public Schools
  • Corps has been a key partner in our efforts to ensure all students are ready for advanced math courses and STEM careers. Math Corps interventions get great results for kids, and set them on a path for continued academic success.

    Dr. Mike McCollor, Principal — Washington Technology Magnet School, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Students have gained confidence in their math abilities, and the additional support from Minnesota Math Corps tutors has helped escalate student learning.

    Susan Okeneski, Teacher — North Saint Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale District
  • You don’t have to be a "math person" to do Math Corps—I’m not. You just need to be willing to help students who need that little extra to get them back up to where they need to be.

    Dan Carlson, Math Corps Tutor — Motley
  • I didn’t realize how great it would feel to have a student get excited and say, “I get it now!” I know that being a Math Corps tutor is where I am supposed to be.

    Dani Coons, Math Corps Tutor — Elk River

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