Become a Math Corps Tutor and Change Lives

Our tutors are trained to change the future

Our goal is to ensure Minnesota students are algebra-ready by eighth grade and to set them up for success in a world increasingly dependent on understanding math concepts. As an AmeriCorps program, we are seeing real results. The challenges are very real, but if you have the energy and the attitude, we provide the training and support you need to help students grow their math skills.

Passing algebra is strongly linked with college attendance and graduation. Right now, nearly two in five Minnesota eighth-graders are not on track to pass this course. You do the math.

You have the power and the skills to change that statistic. As a Minnesota Math Corps tutor, you’ll work with children from fourth through eighth grade to provide proven research-based instruction and ultimately, guide struggling students toward increased confidence and success in math.

In return for your service you will receive:

  • An education award to help pay for your own college education*
  • A living allowance paid bi-weekly
  • The opportunity to build your professional skills and network
  • Health care and child care assistance benefits if eligible
  • Many new friends who look up to you

*Tutors 55 or older may gift the award to a child or grandchild