Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a summer only position?

No, we do not have a summer only position as our positions run during the school year. 

When is the application deadline?

Positions begin in August of every year and are filled on a rolling basis so therefore there is no hard deadline. However, early applicants will have more placement choices so we encourage you to apply sooner rather than later.

What is the difference between a "member" and a "tutor"?

Members and tutors are the same thing. 

What are the hours?

Hours vary school to school as well as with the position. To see specifics on our positions please follow this link

Is this a paid or volunteer position?

If you join Minnesota Math Corps, you are committing to national service through an AmeriCorps program, not entering into permanent employment. In exchange for your service, you receive a bi-weekly living allowance.

What is a living allowance?

The living allowance is an AmeriCorps benefit and is paid bi-weekly.

What is an education award?

The education award is an AmeriCorps benefit. Upon successfully completing their required number of service hours, members receive an education award which can be directly applied to educational costs, such as federal student loans, college tuition, educational supplies, etc. Once awarded, the recipient has 7 years to use their award. Members who are 55 or older at the start of their service enjoy an additional benefit. They may choose to transfer their education award to a child (including step-child), grandchild (including step-grandchild), or foster child. The recipient of a transferred award has ten years to use the award beginning on the date the relative earned the award. 

Is there health coverage?

Members serving in a full time capacity are eligible to enroll in a health insurance plan through Minnesota Reading Corps. Educator Corps members are not eligible for health insurance.

Can I have an additional job to make ends meet?

Yes. There are no restrictions on additional employment outside of your service position as long as it doesn't interfere with your service hours.

I'm a college student with day classes, can I still be a Minnesota Math Corps member?

Possibly. Our positions require members to serve consistently Monday-Friday for an agreed upon hourly commitment each day. If we are able to find a position that would work with your current school schedule then yes. If you have specific questions regarding your schedule and our commitments please contact a Talent Specialist at

What kind of math would I be tutoring?

Below are some sample questions that represent the math that our students need to practice:

Multi-digit multiplication example:

A truck has 50 boxes of jump ropes. Each box contains 100 jump ropes. How many jump ropes are on the truck?


Fraction example:

Write or draw 3 fractions that are equivalent to 1/2. 


Decimal example:

Round .438 to the nearest tenth.


Equations and inequalities: 

Which value makes the equation 5b +15 = 30 true?


Area example:

A triangle has a height of 25 feet. The length of its base is 12 feet. What is the area of the triangle?

Where are positions located?

Our tutors serve in over 100 sites across Minnesota, each tutor assigned to only one site. Applicants may indicate on their application where they prefer to be located. See a map of these sites on our locations page.

Would I have to travel?

Travel is minimal. Tutors are required to travel to the initial training held in the Twin Cities. Additionally, tutors will be required to attend several regional trainings that are held regionally (e.g. St. Paul and St. Cloud). Mileage is reimbursed from your site to the training location. Mileage for your daily commute is not reimbursed.

What's the relationship between Minnesota Math Corps and AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps is a national organization that serves as an overhead for many programs. These programs serve a variety of needs in our communities such as public health, housing, the environment, and education. Minnesota Math Corps is one of many AmeriCorps programs.

I have served with AmeriCorps before. How do I know if I'm eligible for another year of service?

Recently, term limit regulations have changed. Individuals can serve up to four terms with AmeriCorps an National or State program (such as Minnesota Reading Corps). After serving four terms with an AmeriCorps National or State program, individuals are still eligible to serve with an AmeriCorps VISTA or NCCC program. If you are considering more than two terms of service, keep in mind that AmeriCorps members can only earn the equivalent of up to two full-time education awards. Once members meet this limit, they would not receive additional education awards for additional terms of service.