Meet our Tutors

Minnesota Math Corps tutors come from all walks of life and join for many different reasons. They experience growth that can redefine their lives -- and the lives of the children they serve. Here in their own words, our tutors share the rewards, challenges and growth they experience through their service.

Toufu Vang

It is very satisfying to see that I can make a difference in our communities. The youth are our future and we must help them prepare for it. I hope to make an impact by improving their MCA scores by making sure they understand key concepts such as fractions, geometry, probability, and data analysis.

Jeff Rush

I chose to serve with Math Corps because I'm changing careers. I wanted a taste of what teaching would be like, and Math Corps was willing to put me to work. Doing this work has convinced me that I want to be a teacher.

Steve Wickstrom

My time with Math Corps has given me much deeper understanding of the challenges and successes that come with elementary school education. I also find it uplifting to be around fourth and fifth graders. Their sense of curiosity, energy, playfulness, and thoughtfulness all help remind me of the good things in life.

Mailee Moua

I understood how it is to be a struggling student in the system and I felt that my service as a Math Corps member would support students. As to why I decided a second term, my students wanted me to return. I felt that I had a personal duty to watch these students finish 8th grade. The staff here has been nothing but supportive. My principal is amazing and goes out of her way to make Math Corps a success.

Tyler Hansen

I joined Math Corps because I love working with kids, I enjoy math, and my greatest passion is social justice. Through Math Corps, I knew that I would truly make a difference. The benefits were also very appealing as the education award will make a nice dent in my massive student loan debt. Although I’m not a licensed teacher, I have gained invaluable experience in classroom management, organizational skills, data analysis, and effective tutoring/teaching.

Ryan Holton

I tell friends and family that I am serving as a math tutor, but it really is so much more than that. I strive to build trust with my students, which requires sustained attention to progress, as well as consistent energy and enthusiasm. I am no longer surprised by the progress these students make in their math comprehension. My hope is that the skills and study habits we practice can be used as tools for success within and beyond the classroom.

Jessica Salo

I chose to serve with Math Corps because I love math and enjoy teaching others. I see this program as a stepping stone for my future career of working with the special needs kids. I love when I am teaching the kids something and they finally get the light bulb to come on and get that AHA feeling.

Rodney Spitz

As a retired scientist I am concerned that our nation is falling behind other industrialized nations in educating our young people in sciences and mathematics. If the present trend continues our position as the leader in the free world is at stake. My work at Math Corps, in a small way, may help reverse the current trend.

Katie Douglass

The best part of being a Minnesota Math Corps member is that every day I get to encourage my students and say, “I know you are smart, and I believe in you.” Much of the time my role as a tutor is not just to explain the math but to provide the encouragement and kind words to get them through problems when they want to give up.

Joe Troszak

I feel privileged to serve full-time alongside such dedicated staff at my school. The challenges have helped me grow professionally and as an educator. Math Corps has given me such a great experience being in a public school full time. It has been very helpful.