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The Benefits of Becoming a Tutor

Education awards for tuition and loan repayment

Tutors who successfully complete their terms of service will receive an education award at the end of the term. The award can be used to pay educational costs at eligible postsecondary institutions, or to repay qualified student loans. The award has a seven-year expiration period and is considered taxable income in the year that it is used. Please note: Tutors who complete more than one term of service may only receive the total value of two full education awards.

Tutors who are 55 or older at the start of their service have an additional option for using the award. They may choose to transfer their education award to their child, stepchild, grandchild, step-grandchild or foster child. The recipient of a transferred award has 10 years to use it, beginning on the date the member earned the award.

If a tutor is making payments to a federally-backed education loan, payments can be put into forbearance during their service. Upon successful completion of the program, the accrued interest will be paid by the National Service Trust. Learn more about loan forbearance on the AmeriCorps website.

Free health insurance

Members serving full-time are eligible to enroll in a health insurance plan through Minnesota Math Corps. The plan is managed through Cigna and includes medical, dental, and vision coverage; it does not cover dependents. The 2017–2018 Health Plan Summary is available for review here.

For greatest savings under this plan, members are encouraged to use in-network healthcare providers. Search the Cigna website (using the plan option “Open Access Plus, OA Plus, Choice Fund OA Plus”) to find providers in the network.

Have more questions? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Child-care assistance

Members serving full-time may qualify to receive child-care assistance through a program administered by GAP Solutions, Inc. In order to be eligible for the assistance program, members must meet income requirements. The Child Care Assistance Program Information Guide provides more details about the application process and the program’s rules and regulations.

New skills

Minnesota Math Corps tutors grow right along with their students. For tutors who are pursuing or continuing careers in education, Math Corps’ hands-on experience and literacy training offer a valuable stepping stone; tutors work closely with onsite educators who can offer insight as well as a foot in the door. All tutors build essential skills such as professionalism and communication, gain real responsibility in an entry-level position and can add the prestigious AmeriCorps name to their résumés.

Bi-weekly paycheck

All tutors are paid a living allowance every two weeks. This living allowance is taxed as income, and tutors need to fill out a W-4 for this position (visit this IRS site for more information or consult your tax advisor). Applicants must take a careful look at their financial situation to determine if they can afford to commit to a term of service with Minnesota Math Corps.

New friends of all ages

Getting to know students—and taking pride in their progress—is one of the great benefits of being a Math Corps tutor. Another is the opportunity tutors have to build their personal and professional networks. The initial four-day training and subsequent regional trainings provide the chance to meet dozens of fellow tutors. And tutors work closely with experienced educators and school administrators who often turn out to be valuable mentors, references and even future employers.

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