Char Weir

Math Tutor – Princeton

I serve with Math Corps to help children learn not to fear math and let it hold them back, but rather to embrace and engage in the challenges that math provides.

Char Weir, Math Tutor

Char Weir, Math Corps tutor, Princeton Intermediate

Char Weir struggled with math and didn’t have much confidence in her ability to do math. She avoided it as much as possible. Now, she’s giving back to children who have similar struggles. Char is a mother of three who has spent many hours volunteering with school, community, and church groups; it’s clear, as she says, that her “heart loves to help, encourage, and engage with children.” She plans to use her education award to return to college for a teaching degree in elementary education.

Char shares a story of one student who was very discouraged, frequently saying things like “I can’t” and “Math is too hard.” Char noticed that though this little girl was kind to her classmates, she was very tough on herself. Together, as they worked on math skills, they also discussed positive self-talk, embracing challenges, and having a positive outlook. Char was proud to say this student was ready to graduate Math Corps at the end of the year!  

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I get to apply skills I learned in college to teach math to school students. And I find it rewarding that I can make a difference in their success. I like being part of their becoming more confident as they improve upon their math skills.

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