Dan Carlson

Math Tutor – Motley

I get to work with young people and staff which helps me stay young at heart. But the best part is helping the students and seeing the light come on in their eyes.

Dan Carlson, Math Tutor

Dan Carlson, Math Corps Tutor, Staples-Motley Middle School

As a former police officer, Dan Carlson has always made serving others an important part of his life. After retirement, he knew he wanted to continue to serve his community, but in a different way. His daughter, a Minnesota Reading Corps tutor, had spoken highly of the program, and Dan thought Math Corps might be just the opportunity to give back he was looking for.

Not a “math person” himself, Dan wants others to know that you don’t need to be an expert in math in order to serve, just “be willing to help students who need that little extra to get them back up to where they need to be.” The smiles from the students, the silly stories they tell and that light that comes on in their eyes when a concept finally clicks is his greatest motivation. And while serving in a 3-day a week position, Dan is still able to find plenty of time for all his favorite activities during his retirementfishing, golfing and relaxing!

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