Len Olson

Math Tutor – Waconia

It’s a completely different culture in the school than in the business world. The teachers and students are kind, excited, and engaged. It’s been a lot of fun.

Len Olson, Math Tutor

Len Olson, Math Corps Tutor, Southview Elementary School

Len Olson wanted to be a teacher, but with a mortgage, two children and other financial commitments, found himself in the business world instead. He began his career in sales and worked his way up the corporate ladder. His entrepreneurial spirit fueled the start-up of two technology companies. But he kept feeling drawn to education – Len even returned to school at one point to work toward a teaching license. It wasn’t until retirement that he’d get a chance to pursue his dream.

As a part-time Math Corps tutor, Len helped 4th graders in Waconia build a strong math foundation. He saw how their confidence bloomed and saw their scores increase. Len really enjoyed working with the teachers to help students reach their goals. And he even earned his substitute teaching license so he could help out even more!

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