Steve Pinex

Math Tutor – Woodbury

Satisfy your curiosity. Jump in there and do a year of service. Find out that, hey, in helping others, you’ve helped yourself a whole lot more than you could ever have believed.

Steve Pinex, Math Tutor

Steve Pinex, Math Corps Tutor, Middleton Elementary

Steve Pinex heard about Math Corps through his kids’ school. With both his children in school, he felt drawn to being a part of something bigger than himself. He’d previously tutored math at the college level and came to enjoy working with younger kids, because, as he said, “I’m a big kid myself.” He worked hard to make Math Corps sessions fun and empower his students. It shows in the number of kids who asked to skip recess so they could do math with “Mr. P”!

When Steve thinks about his impact, he recalls his 6th grade teacher who made sure Steve could attend field trips and provided him with extra support. As a tutor, Steve can pay it forward and hopes he can help even just one student have an experience that helps them take off.

When not tutoring, Steve got involved in school activities as a DJ, and, after Math Corps, has continued his career as an event DJ.

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