A Tested Approach

Why it Works

Minnesota Math Corps trains tutors using the science of how students learn — and then it puts them to work to focus on boosting math skills. It’s a nearly impossible task for teachers to deliver individualized instruction to every student. But because that’s all Math Corps tutors do, they can personalize their approach and focus on what each student needs.

Evidence-based Methods

Our highly trained tutors work with pairs of students in grades 4-8, using evidence-based math interventions created by experts. The result: Struggling students make incredible gains in math! (Another wonderful result: many of our talented tutors go on to become teachers themselves.)

Decisions Driven by Data

Data is at the core of the Math Corps model. Tutors use research-based assessments to monitor their students’ progress and work with coaches to make sure they’re providing the right instruction to each student.

The Secret Sauce: Training and Support from Experts.

Tutors commit to a year of AmeriCorps service. They begin the year with rigorous training from math experts, who give them the knowledge and tools they need to be effective and confident. We make sure Math Corps tutors are successful by providing expert guidance so they’re never on their own.


Tutors work with students every day. They also receive training and coaching all year long so they can work effectively with struggling learners.

Internal Coaches

An onsite coach — usually a math specialist or teacher at the school — provides daily support to tutors and conducts regular checks to make sure the tutoring is on track.

Master Coaches

A math expert provided by Math Corps visits each site several times throughout the year to help tutors and internal coaches use student data to make decisions about the right interventions.

Math Corps Works

  • Corps has been a key partner in our efforts to ensure all students are ready for advanced math courses and STEM careers. Math Corps interventions get great results for kids, and set them on a path for continued academic success.

    Dr. Mike McCollor, Principal — Washington Technology Magnet School, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • I don’t know of other systems that are designed as well as this and getting the same results.

    Julia Espe, Superintendent — Princeton Public Schools
  • The students are missing a couple of building blocks that are holding them back. Math Corps is an efficient way of building the skills they need.

    Kate Hinton, Internal Coach — Washington Technology Magnet School, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • The additional support of Math Corps allows our just-below average students to receive the targeted instruction they need to keep them from slipping behind. With support of data and consistent communication of teachers and the tutor, the students’ progress was undeniable.

    Tom Ross, Internal Coach — Armstrong Elementary
  • Students have gained confidence in their math abilities, and the additional support from Minnesota Math Corps tutors has helped escalate student learning.

    Susan Okeneski, Teacher — North Saint Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale District

Proudly replicated in 3 states (so far).

A national program of Reading & Math, Inc.

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